Hey there! I'm Viet, a content creator based in Belgium.

My journey began with globe-trotting adventures, where I developed my love for visual storytelling by immersing myself in diverse landscapes and cultures along the way.

I started my career as a freelance photographer, working for clients such as the European Commission, the Royal Palace of Coudenberg, the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

I then found myself weaving stories, creating photos and videos as a brand content creator at an influencer and digital marketing agency, where I collaborated on campaigns for Nestlé, Mars, AGC Europe, and created content for brands like Miracoli, Patroba, Purina, Nespresso, Fineo, Fox Foodmarket Brussels,...

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Foxmango Agency

" Viet is a dedicated and invested
content creator who can always be relied upon. His commitment to his work and unwavering reliability make him a valuable asset to any project. Viet is naturally appreciated by the people he works with, and he has a remarkable ability to put everyone at ease on set. You can always count on Viet to give his best! ".

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